Você sabe qual a diferença entre ‘miss’ e ‘lose’?

Hello, readers!

Often times people ask me what’s the difference between the words ‘miss’ and ‘lose’.

I confess that when I was learning English this was something I would always mix. As Brazilian Portuguese speakers, for us in our native language they have the same meaning, however, that’s not the case in English.

Well, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Let’s say I’m late for work, what is the difference between the sentences “I missed the bus” or “I lost the bus”?

I missed the bus – I was late for it – I’m a passenger

I lost the bus – I don’t know where I put it or it was fully damaged in an accident – I’m the owner

More examples of expressions:

  • Miss an opportunity
  • Miss a turn
  • Lose your mind
  • Lose track of time
  • Lose your job
  • Lose money
  • Miss home
  • Lose your home

Well, now, create 2 sentences and post them in the comments section!

I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Um comentário

  1. Hellooo!

    With miss: I woke up late ‘cause I forgot o adjust my alarm, so I miss the bus ans I am late for work.

    With lose: My house is such a mess! I lost my keys and I can’t find it!


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