#5 Business Idioms: For Negotiations (Inglês corporativo: Para negociações)

Quer falar inglês como os nativos mas não sabe expressões idiomáticas? Essa explicação é pra você!

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Hello, everyone!

Today our post is about business expressions. Most situations in business require less informal vocabulary and structure. Do you feel comfortable in these situations? Don’t forget to give me your opinion in the comment section!

Well, here is a list with five of the most common and important idioms:

  1. To hold all the aces – to be in a very strong position. To have more advantages than anybody else. Ex.: “John says IBM holds the aces to this new technology.”
  2. Back to square one – when you try something, it doesn’t work and you have to do it again. Ex.: “Oh, no! We have lost the file, we are back to square one!”
  3. To clinch a deal – to reach or get to an agreement on an offer or proposal. Ex.: “The company and I clinched a deal on this matter last week.”
  4. A piece of cake – oh, this one is easy AND famous. When you think something is really easy. Ex.: “This expression is piece of cake!”
  5. Waiting in the wings – it means that someone is waiting for an opportunity to take action or waiting for a new job position. Ex.: “The new interns are all waiting in the wings to get hired.”

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Você sabe o que é “BRAINSTORMING”?

Expression: To give somebody a run for their money

English expression: 24/7 (Expressões em inglês: 24/7)

Conheça uma das expressões mais usadas em inglês! Você sabe o que é 24/7?

Do you know the meaning of 24/7 (twenty-four/seven)? Você sabe o significado de 24/7?

This expression is commonly used in everyday English and, also, in business English. Esta expressão é comumente utilizada no inglês do dia a dia e, também, no inglês corporativo.

It means 24 hours of the day, seven days of the week. Thereby, NON STOP. Ela significa 24 horas por dia, sete dias por semana! Assim, sem interrupção.

For example: Por exemplo:

The gas station is opened 24/7. O posto de gasolina está aberto 24/7.

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